Bright White Bridal Gown Trends in 2018

Choosing a gown is a significant part of the planning of everyone dream wedding. There many design and color of wedding dress, but the white bridal gown becomes the prima donna bridal of wedding dress in 2018.

A fashion designer Elsie Chrysila said that the color of a bright white dress which is combined with a sophisticated sequin detail will be the trend this year. The white ivory color with detail lace and flowers that dominate in 2017 will begin to be abandoned.

Trend White Bridal Gown in 2018

“This year is more modern, many people want to all sequin by handmade. It is really more blinking,” said Elsie in Bridestory Fair 2018 at Grand Ballroom-Grand Jakarta.

Some brides are even braver by ordering other colors in addition to the white bridal gown. For example is the color of champagne or silver for the evening. However, the order color dress with broken white color stills more.

Bright White Bridal Gown

These select colors will also be uniformed with the footwear to wear. “Most people want to stay that long-lasting if timeless must be broken white,” she added.

Besides the white bridal gown trend, the wedding dress design for 2018 is also more simple. Elsie said that the trend refers to a western style which highlights the waist height to make it look right on the body.

Some people even also order subordinate-shaped semi-mermaid. However, the shape is not too like a mermaid because, for somebody shape, it will give the impression of a larger hip. People who have been designed usually for a simple wedding even though it is done in the ballroom.


The white bridal gown becomes the prima donna bridal of wedding dress in 2018. which is combined with sophisticated sequin detail and simple design.

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