Booming Food Trends 2018 You Should Know

The food lovers are getting curious about the food trends 2018. Every year, there must be a change of trend. It is not only the fashion trends but also the food has trend prediction. Whole Foods Market has annually released a trend about food and beverage.

Food Trends 2018

For this year, there are 10 foods that booming in 2018. The following are the food trends 2018 you should know.

Flower Flavor

For those who never try edible flower, in 2018, floral will be booming. The flower taste is identical to the same dessert or sweet food. This year, the flower flavor will be in salty or savory food.

Food Trends 2018

Super Powders

In the year 2017, coffee and turmeric become really boom. In 2018, there will be a lot of super powders from superfoods. So, it is predictable that the kale powder, spirula, and super powders will be famous this year.

Food Trends 2018

Mushroom Variety

All this time, maybe you just know some kind of mushrooms like button mushroom and shitake. In 2018, one of the foods that will boom is a variety of mushrooms. Whole Food Markets predict that Mushroom is not only for food but also it will be a trend for personal care such as soap and shampoo.

Food from the Middle East

Briyani rice and kebab become the most famous Middle Eastern food in Indonesia. In 2018, Middle Eastern food will be more booming again. Food with stronger spice herbs will be much to meet this year for example Shakshuka.

The Obvious Food Ingredients

Sometimes we want to know the origin of our food ingredient. For those who like to eat organic foods, maybe they usually check the origin of the food. In 2018, the consumers will be more observant about the origin of their food ingredients. So, the origin of vegetables, meat, and even fish later you can know the origin.

Food Trends 2018

High Tech Vegetable Foods

For vegetarian, they may have tasted delicious chicken meat that made of soybeans and 100% meat-free. In 2018, vegetables will become a trend and more high-tech such as tuna meat made from plants.

Food Trends 2018

Puffed and Popped Snack

This year, we will find plenty of snacks that are puffed and popped like popcorn not chips. For those who have hobby snacking can feel a lot of new snacks this year.

Modern Tacos

Taco has become a favorite food of Americans and other countries for a long time ago. In Indonesia, tacos are also famous. Tacos will be trend food in 2018. The difference in 2018 that the stuffing of taco will be more unique and modern and not only just shrimp, meat, and avocado as usual.

Food Trends 2018

Not Remove the Leaves or Roots in the Vegetables

This year, do not remove the leaves and root of the vegetable because these materials will be booming in 2018. The leaves or roots of the vegetables could be a new type of food.

Soft Drink

The soft drinks that becomes food trends 2018 are not only Coca-Cola or Sprite but also other soft drinks with more unique flavors such as coffee, tea, and some more fruit flavors.


Every year, there must be a change of trend. The food trends 2018 are various. Moreover, whole Foods Market has annually released a trend about food and beverage.

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