Billionaire Spending Habits For Useless Things

Buying luxury goods has become a common thing that done by billionaires. On the other hand, not a few many billionaires are wasting money on the useless thing. The billionaire spending habits are sometimes strange and ridiculous. They even do strange and ridiculous things for wasting money as they want. Certainly, when someone has abundant wealth, they can do anything with their wealth.

Billionaire Spending Habits

Billionaire Spending Habits

In fact, due to too rich, the billionaire spending habits are sometimes using the money for things that are considered strange, unimportant, or beyond reason. Well, here are some ridiculous billionaire spending habits.

Pay Famous Celebrities to Date

The 85-year-old billionaire named Richard Lugner has a unique way to spend his money. He is known to have more than the US $ 200 million in wealth. He is willing to pay dearly for famous celebrities to date him.

As noted, he has dated Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, and Carmen Electra. Even in 2014, Lugner chose Kim Kardashian as his date artist and he was willing to spend the US $500 thousand just to date with Kim.

Billionaire Spending Habits

Making His Name Visible in Space

Some billionaires also want to show off that the owner of a place in a crazy way. This useless thing is done by Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. Different from other, the Abu Dhabi Sheikh spent his money to make giant letters of his name that could be seen from space.

Hamad employs workers for weeks just to carve his name, Hamad on the sand. The letter itself is made in the form of a water channel that functions to absorb ocean waves and can be seen on Google Earth.

Billionaire Spending Habits

Build a House with 27 Floors

Having a comfortable home is everyone’s dream, whether the small house or large certainly requires a lot of money to buy or built it. However, it is different from what Mukesh Ambani did. He is the richest people in India with assets ranging from USD 18.6 billion. He built a house with 27 floors that locate din located in Mumbai, India.

The house is currently listed as the most expensive house in the world. The building was seven years in the making. It is 400,000 square feet on 27 floors, all for a family of six. This house has 168 rooms, three helipads, a swimming pool, yoga studio, mini-theater, three balconies with terrace gardens, a health club, and spectacular views of the Arabian Sea.

Billionaire Spending Habits

Lunch USD 50,000

In 2009, a Russian billionaire who was also the boss of Chelsea football club Roman Abramovich reportedly spent USD 52,000 just for lunch. He had lunch with 9 guests in a Manhattan restaurant. The money that he spent was amazing.

The cost was so expensive because of wine and truffles. The actual invoice was only USD 47,221, but he added additional tips of USD 5,000. Therefore, the total bill became USD 52,000. Not many people even can do that, but it is no problem for billionaires.

Billionaire Spending Habits

Make a Giant Clock

The first position of billionaires in the world is Jeff Bezos. He was willing to spend money just to make a giant clock. The Amazon boss was known to spend the US $ 42 million to fund the construction of a giant clock inside a mountain in the Texas region of the United States. With that huge amount of money, it is known that this big clock will continue to live even up to 10,000 years.

Billionaire Spending Habits


Wasting money on buying luxury goods or for useless this has ever done by some billionaires in the world. The billionaire spending habits are sometimes strange and ridiculous things for wasting money as they want. In fact, it is better to spend money to help others who in needs.

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