Biggest Google Maps Mistakes In The World

Everyone must be known the google maps. But, some biggest google maps mistakes ever happened in this world. Google maps is a web mapping service developed by Google that provides satellite imagery, road maps, traffic conditions, and route planning for traveling by car, motor, and even on foot.

Biggest Google Maps Mistakes

This smart application has a lot of users because its presence is very necessary for daily life. However, this application is not always accurate but sometimes makes mistakes. The following are some biggest Google Maps mistakes.

A Woman Lost for 5 Days

A woman from the United States, 24 years old Amber Vanhecke got lost for 5 days in a remote area of the Grand Canyon. She claimed that Google Maps took her to the wrong road. Amber felt that she would die because all the supplies run out. She even had recorded a farewell message on her cell phone.

Google Maps Mistakes

The story began when Amber went solo traveling to the areas of the Grand Canyon but Google Maps redirected her to a non-existent road. The situation got worse, the car started to run out of fuel and her phone signal disappeared. Amber tried to call 911 emergency services but failed. On the third day, Amber got lost. She was panicked and had recorded a farewell message if sometimes she was found dead.

As soon as the supplies run out, Amber did something. She collected stones and compiled them into ‘HELP’ on the ground but it was useless. On the fifth day, Amber decided to climb and get out of the canyon in hopes of getting a cell phone signal. It was true. She got a signal then called 911 emergency services. Shortly, a rescue helicopter passed by and found her car. Finally, Amber could be saved after 119 hours lost. She was severely dehydrated.

Two Houses Destroyed Badly

A bulldozer own by a house-breaking company, Billy L. Nabors Demolition wrongly destroyed two houses. They claimed that it happened because Google Maps incorrectly displayed the home address that should have been destroyed. Billy L. Nabors Demolition was supposed to destroy the 7601 Coestau Drive house in Rowlett Texas, but they destroyed the house in 7601 and 7603 on Calypso Drive, a block away from the supposed address.

The workers blamed the Google Maps app that instead showed addresses to 7601 and 7603 Calypso Drive. Suzanne Webster the owner of one of the houses was surprised because her house was destroyed for no apparent reason. The house-breaking company later declared the mistake was not a big thing. However, they still would be responsible for the mistake.

Google Maps Mistakes


Some biggest google maps mistakes ever happen in this world. Even though this smart application has a lot of users, this application is not always accurate but sometimes makes mistakes.

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