Best Nail Trends 2018 For Winter Season

Nails are a small part of the human body and may even be rarely noticed. However, for many people especially women are really concern about the nail. There are some nail trends 2018 that suitable for winter season. Nail art will be more interesting if we have neat nail shape and in accordance with the shape of the hand.

Nail Trends 2018 For Winter

Although small, nails are instrumental in determining and giving the character to its users with a touch of sexy characters, sweet, funny, and even frightening. The following are nail trends 2018 fo winter season. 

Darkest of Dark Nail

Dark colors indeed seem gothic but not as scary as thought. If you combine the dark colors with other colors such as black and red that will lead to a sexy character.

Best Nail Trends 2018

Silver Mirror Nails

You can use this color by using light gray and mirror give the impression of a code for the future where everything seems to be expected to be shimmering metallic. By combining silver and futuristic with form like ice really give the impression of winter.

Glitter Nail Art

This nail art with a touch of glitter on the top or primary colors can make women who wear this nail art will not bored with the glamorous touch that can be combined with all your handbag and heels.

French Nail Modification

French nails are usually based on white color and also given only on the tip of the nail. Now, it can be given a new impression that is not boring with the use of colors other than white, not straight shape, and flat on the tip of the nail.

Funky Style Nail Art

This nail art style is not less interesting with a combination of unique designs, colors, pictures, cartoons, flags, and all sorts of interesting trends in the 90s. The cute decoration really makes the nails look funky. Moreover, this nail art can attract all nail art lovers to the tastes of every user.

Best Nail Trends 2018


For many people especially women, they are really concern about the nail. That was some nail trends 2018 that suitable for winter season.

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