Ambergris Discovery Making People Become Rich

Ambergris or whales vomit discovery can make people who found it become rich or even a millionaire. Ambergris or whales vomit is a substance released by a whale sperm that is useful for protecting bowel irritation that caused by its prey such as cuttlefish or squid. Ambergris usually floats on the surface of the ocean where the sun will sterilize it. At first, ambergris is soft. Through the heat of sunshine and salt water for years then it turns into a rocky lump that slippery and has a slightly rotten smell.


Ambergris Discovery

The function of ambergris in the world of beauty is to stabilize the fragrance of the perfume. In Eastern culture, ambergris is often used for medicinal herbs and cooking herbs. The price of ambergris is very expensive. This is because it is rarely found and as the main ingredient in making luxury perfume. Here is the story of the discovery of ambergris or whale vomit that made the discoverer suddenly rich.

Charlie Naysmith in 2012

This lucky boy is Charlie Naysmith, 8 years old. At that time, Charlie and his parents were just researching the unique stone. While he was walking down the coast of Hengistbury Head, he saw a large golden-yellow shape chunk that resembled a stone. In fact, it was not a stone but sperm whale vomit that had hardened.

It hardens because it had long exposure to sunlight and salt from the sea water. The price of ambergris is each 500 gr can reach 10,000 US dollars. Meanwhile, the size of the whale vomit found by Charlie was estimated to reach 63,000 US dollars. All of sudden, Charlie became a little millionaire.


Ken Wilman in 2013

Wilman said the chunk was discovered by Madge, his pet dog. At first, he thought it was a ball. But when he approached, it was a big smelly rock. Wilman then left without picking it. He went home and searched online for information about that smelly stone. He got a feeling that it was a chunk of the whale vomit.

When he found a number of photographs, his feeling was right. Then, he returned to the beach to pick the stone that had a terrible smell. A company in France had offered the stone for 43 thousand pounds sterling. On the other hand, when he offered to a perfume company in Switzerland they made a surprising offer by four times higher than a company in France.


A Fisherman Khalid Al Sinani in 2016

Khalid Al Sinani is a fisherman from Oman. He became a millionaire for discovering the whale’s vomit in the ocean. He found it when examining his net in the Qurayat Beach, Oman. Then, he smelled a rotten smell not far from his ship. There was a large pile floating on the water. Khalid used a rope to pull it. It weighed over 60 kilograms while the boat was only six meters in length.

According to some media there, Khalid is now preparing to stop being a fisherman and lead a luxurious life. Khalid even refuses the offer of a local perfume company who bid his findings at a price of $13,851 each kilogram. The price is considered too cheap. Experts say the whale vomit that found Khalid can be sold for more $2,496,296.



Ambergris or whales vomit discovery can make people who found it become rich or even a millionaire. The function of it in the world of beauty is to stabilize the fragrance of the perfume.

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