Weird Sperm Donor in China Get IPhone 6s

China with a population of more than 1 billion is ever lacking sperm donor. At that time, because of the high demand, the sperm banks are competing to attract potential donors to donate their sperm. One if the is by offering iPhone 6s. Due to the famous smartphone, this is utilized by local hospitals to encourage Chinese people to become a sperm donor by offering money as a lure.

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Weird Sperm Donor in China

Some hospitals in Shanghai use the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus that Apple has just launched to increase the number of sperm donations they receive. Many sperm donors are interested because the iPhone has a high price. According to the rules that have been set, each province only allows one sperm bank.

One sperm bank tried to attract the attention of a sperm donor by giving gifts that made many people in other countries jealous. Then the announcement of prizes or incentives begins with a release that distributed by a sperm donor agency. According to China Daily, the announcement of the sperm donors’ search was carried out through China’s largest social media, We Chat.

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Reward Donating Sperm

In the announcement said, the bank (sperm) is looking for sperm donors with the condition that men aged 22 to 45 years. They will get compensation of 5000 yuan. That amount is equivalent to the price of the iPhone 6s and which costs 5288 yuan.

The day after the advertisement circulated, a sperm bank at the Renji Hospital in Shanghai reported that advertisements on We Chat had been viewed 400 thousand times. Dr. Zhu from the sperm bank Hubei admitted that it was very difficult to attract young people to donate their sperm. But the advertisement is controversial.

Responding to the advertisement, Dr. Zhu said, the bank is only looking for targets of adults who have been able to make their own decisions wisely. However, it was reported that many school children were interested in the ad.


China is ever lacking sperm donor. Because of that, the bank sperm makes an interesting offer for those who want to donate sperm will get a lot of money that equivalent to the price of the iPhone 6s.

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