Interesting Facts and The Danger of Momo Challenge

There are so many challenges that are viral on social media and followed by many people around the world. Lately, the viral challenge on social media is quite alarming. One example is the Momo Challenge.

This challenge is rumored to have troubled citizens around the world because in some cases, there were some teenagers who ended their lives after playing this viral challenge.

Momo Challenge

Facts of Momo Challenge

Momo Challenge is a viral challenge game. According to, based on the Computer Crime Investigation Unit in the Mexican state of Tabasco, this game originated with Facebook where members were challenged to communicate with unknown numbers.

The players are asked to send images of violence to others in the WhatsApp application. The mysterious number also threatens the player if they do not follow the instructions. The following are some facts and danger of this viral challenge.

Starting with Social Media

Like other serial messages, Momo Challenge starts haunting citizens through WhatsApp. Initially, a gruesome image of this woman was circulating on social media.

When contacted, the Momo account will send a message containing threats and condemn the person who did not reply to the message. From the information, the cell phone number that used by the person who spread the message came from various countries such as Japan, Colombia to Mexico.

Threatens Users to Harm Their selves

This challenge forces users to harm themselves or their personal information will be spread on the Internet. It even threatens the user to hurt the closest person, forcing them to do what Momo said.

Momo Profile Photo

Momo’s profile photo on WhatsApp uses a picture of a bird statue that is made by Link Factory, a special securities company in Japan. At that time, the statue of Momo was in an art gallery in Ginza, Tokyo, and it was part of an exhibition about ghosts.

Danger of Momo Challenge

From the authorities in Argentina, they had issued a warning to parents after a teenager died of this Challenge. Fox News reported that a 12-year-old girl committed suicide in the Escobar district, in the city of Ingeniero Maschwitz because of the challenge.

The girl died by hanging herself in her backyard tree. The Buenos Aires Times reported that she recorded her action on a smartphone before committing suicide. Authorities say it is similar to social media-based suicide games.


Momo Challenge is considered very dangerous because it asks users to do something that smells of violence, even suicide. This challenge has spread in Argentina, the United States, France, and Germany.

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