7 Interesting and Weird Jobs In the World

For many people, besides looking for income, work also to express their creativity and hobbies. Jobs like being a doctor, journalist, or teacher might be normal. But have you ever heard of work as a professional smell? Yeah, this weird job really exists and one of the weird jobs in the world.

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7 Weird Jobs In the World

Here are the 7 weird jobs in the world you should know.

Professional Odor Smeller

For the purposes of quality control of several products, this professional odor smeller is employed to smell from the breath, legs, and even armpits of some subjects. In order to make the assessment accurate, the profession’s workers must undergo an olfactory test every month.

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Professional Cuddler

This job is rather difficult to implement in some countries. One of the professional cuddlers is Jackie Samuel. She is a woman from the United States who works as a professional cuddler. She pays a fee of US $ 60 per hour for her services.

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Live Mannequin

In some places, being a life mannequin is a professional job. They work by standing in front of the store while showing off the latest fashion trends. Using live mannequins makes people pay attention to the products offered. On average, the human mannequin generates $ 100 equivalent.

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Professional Sleeper

A hotel in Finland employs a member of its office staff as a professional sleeper. But not only to sleep, as he also at the same time assessed how comfortable the mattress is in the hotel.

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Pet Psychologist

The pet psychologist actually provides the services to pet owners who face difficulties with their pets by correcting behavior and identifying triggers for that behavior. Pet psychologists get a salary of between £ 15,000 per year in the UK.

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Animal Food Tester

These animal food testers are not studying whether the animal food already full of the nutrients that are needed or not. They just need to know whether the taste of the animal food is in accordance with the standards set by each company.

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Professional Pencil Sharpener

David Rees, a cartoonist and comedy writer, recently made a new business that is quite unique. He opened the first and only professional pencil sharpener business in the world. In fact, he paid a lot of money purely because of the skill and quality of the sharpener. He gets paid for $ 15 for a pencil and he would sharpen any type of pencil with the same price.

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Almost everyone would crave a good and high-paying job. However, 7 interesting and weird jobs in the world above are becoming a choice by some people with high paid.

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