4 Flat Earth Facts Break Down All Conspiracies

Is the earth flat? Yes, the controversy about Flat Earth is very interesting to discuss because it is in contrast to the Globe Earth that we continue to believe today. However, there are 4 Flat Earth facts that can break down all conspiracies. As we know, since entering school we are taught the exact science that the Earth is a giant ball float in space.

Flat Earth Facts

Flat Earth Facts

But do you know that there is an organization called the Flat Earth Society that believes that the Earth is actually flat? The Flat Earth Society was formed by a British man named Samuel Shenton in 1956. Apart from the pros and cons of the Flat Earth Society in the eyes of the world, here are 4 logical Flat Earth facts that can prove that the Earth is indeed flat while breaking down the Globe Earth theory.

The Earth Has No Curvature At All

When you see the horizon toward a wide and long sea or flying at any height, you will never see the curve of the Earth. The arch can be calculated by the Pythagorean formula. From the compilation of photos and prove, it can be seen that the Earth has no curvature at all despite being seen from various places and heights.

Flat Earth Facts

Strange Trip Captain James Cook (1728-1779)

Captain James Cook is an Englishman who has been exploring Antarctica for 3 years and 8 days. During this period, he found nothing but the towering ice wall, and there was no entrance. During these 3 years and 8 days, he was noted to have explored more than 60,000 km of Antarctic ice walls. Yet according to the Globe Earth map, Antarctica only has a circumference of 19,300 km.

This is Captain Cook’s journey according to the Globe Earth:

Flat Earth Facts

And this is the same trip according to Flat Earth:

Flat Earth Facts

Confusion Of Flight Paths

If we embrace the Globe Earth, the flight path of the world becomes unreasonable. This is very contradictory when applied to Flat Earth. For examples are the flights south of the Equator like Australia, South America, and South Africa. At world airline sites, there are no flight lines from Santiago (Chile) to Johannesburg (South Africa).

From Santiago, the plane must transit first to Senegal, then to Johannesburg. The route makes no sense for the Globe Earth. But it is normal to use Flat Earth as a reference because Chile, Senegal and South Africa are a straight line!

Flat Earth Facts

Likewise, with flights from Johannesburg (South Africa) to Sydney (Australia), these routes never existed. From Johannesburg, the plane must stop first in Dubai, then to Sydney.

Flat Earth Facts

Other evidence, flight routes from Sydney (Australia) to Santiago (Chile) also do not exist. Aircraft from Sydney must go to Los Angles to Santiago.

Flat Earth Facts

There is another proof that is very interesting and has been reported by the Daily Mail in October 2015. On the China Airlines flight Bali route – Los Angles, there is a woman who gives birth at an altitude of 30,000 feet or 9.2 km from the surface of the water. The plane was finally forced to land in Alaska. The question is, why should you be in Alaska?

Flat Earth Facts

This is according to flat earth:

Flat Earth Facts

Antarctica Is Still A Mystery

Richard Evelyn Byrd or better known as Admiral Byrd stated that there was an area the size of the United States that had never been seen by humans. The location is behind the South Pole (Flat Earth version). Admiral Byrd also made a very surprising statement that the United States needed to take precautionary measures against enemy air strikes coming from the poles.

Admiral Byrd is not a careless person. He is the youngest Admiral in the history of the US Navy, holder of the Medal of Honor, leader of Operation Highjump (4,700 soldiers) and Operation Deep Freeze (1,800 soldiers).


The controversy about Flat Earth facts is very interesting to discuss because it is in contrast to the Globe Earth that we continue to believe today. However, after knowing the Flat earth facts above, it is up to you whether to believe the earth is flat or not.

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