First King In Maldives

The Maldives is very famous for natural beauty tour and becomes tourist destinations around the world. Not many people know the first king in Maldives history, Koimala. Koimala Siri Mahaabarana Mahaa Radun is a legend about the first king of the Maldive Islands.

Several versions of the Koimala Legend refer to the first ruler of the Maldives after conversion to Islam. He was also known as Dharumavantha rasgefaanu who ruled from 1117 to 1141. It was believed that Koimala was also the first king of the House of Theemuge and Lunar Dynasty.

Koimala The First King In Maldives

Koimala The First King In Maldives

Another record revealed that he was the fourth king of Lunar Dynasty that originally founded by King Balaadeettiya as the Soma Vansa Kingdom although eventually Koimala only ruled over parts of Maldives. However, this legend only tells the first Islamic ruler and does not explain who built the great Buddhist monument.

According to Maldivian folklore, Koimala was a prince of the Indian subcontinent who arrived in Male Atoll. People from Giraavaru who saw the ship from far were welcoming the prince’s arrival. They allowed Prince Koimala to settle in a large sandbank in the middle of the waters that had been contaminated with fish blood.

The papaya tree was the first tree planted in sandstone. Over the time, local residents in the region also accepted the rule of this northern prince. The palace was built and the island is officially named Maa-le (Malé) while the nearby island is named Hulhu-le (Hulhule). Since then Malé has been the head of state.

Koimala The First King In Maldives

Another Version Of Koimala King

Another story Koimala in Maldives history was claiming that Koimala became a Sinhala prince who born from the Ceylon kingdom. Prince Koimala was said to have married the daughter of King Ceylon and arranged a trip with his wife with two ships from the king of Ceylon. Finally, they stalled in the Maldives and rest for a while on the island.

The Maldive Islands became a Buddhist kingdom which began from the teachings of two visitors who were descendants of the Buddhist kingdom of Ceylon. Gradually, the community invited them to settle there and proclaimed Koimala as their king in Rasgetheemu.

Later, the new King and his wife moved to Malé and settled there with the approval of the native people in Giraavaru. Until now, every atoll (coral island) in the Maldives is allegedly led by different groups of people. After that, King sent two ships to bring more people from other races to increase the population in Male.


In fact, what has King done was contrary to the tradition of the Giraavaru community because the native people of Giraavari do not marry anyone outside their community. It is uncertain the truth of some of these Koimala legend stories.

Although he may have been the first king of the entire Maldives, the story of this prince may be a change from the story of King Soorudasaruna-Adeettiya and King Balaadeettiya or the exiled prince of Kalinga Kingdom of India who founded Solar and Lunar Dynasty kingdoms of the Maldives.

Another Source

According to this source (Book fi Athaari Meedoo el-Qadimiyyeh by Allama Ahmed Shihabuddine), Koimala or Siri Mahaabarana was the son of King Siri Bovana Aananda, the fourth king of Lunar Dynasty and uncle of King Dhovem, the first Sultan (Muslim king) of the Maldives.

Koimala was said to have become the King of 14 atolls and two thousand islands of Dheeva Mahal.   His kingdom is called Malikaddu dhemedhu or all that lies between Maliku and Addu. In 1141, Koimala was replaced by his nephew Dhovemi Kalaminja.


Koimala Siri Mahaabarana Mahaa Radun is known as the first king in Maldives history. He was also known as Dharumavantha rasgefaanu who ruled from 1117 to 1141. Although it is uncertain about the truth of some of Koimala legend stories, many people believed him as the first ruler.

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