Interesting Facts of Baby Shark Challenge Trend

Surely, you are already familiar with the Baby Shark Challenge. Baby Shark songs are children’s song lyrics that have been viral recently. With simple song lyrics and easy to follow movements, many of us are interested in imitating this challenge movement.

Baby Shark Challenge Trend

Baby Shark Challenge Facts

The Baby Shark song that we hear is the latest version. It is viral through the Pinkfong YouTube channel. The song and video were made by a children’s animation company Smartstudy which focuses on developing creative animated content for children around the world. The following are some facts of baby shark challenge.

Baby Shark Song and Dance

The Dance Baby Shark is becoming a viral topic on social media. This children’s song that tells about the life of family sharks is not only favored by children but also teenagers, adults, to parents.

Apparently, this song was created in 2006. The musician that is known as the baby shark songwriter is Mike Whitla. He is a creator of a famous children’s song.

Although this shark family song is famous lately, actually this song was first uploaded to the old Pinkfong Youtube two years ago in November 2015. Even though the song is famous in English, it is actually a baby shark song originally from Korea.

Favored by Everyone

As we know, there are many who cover the Baby shark challenge dance and upload it to social media. Apparently, Baby Shark fans are not just ordinary people. Super famous celebrities, like SNSD members, also like it. Even on one of the episodes of Korean reality show “Happy Together”, Sunny recently sang Baby Shark with a cute Korean style.

Educational Facilities for Children

Besides funny, Baby Shark songs also contain education for children. Even though it looks simple, it turns out we cannot underestimate this Baby Shark song. The lyric that is easy to remember along with easily imitated movements is a way that can stimulate our five senses, especially children. This is what is stated on their web page.

According to the designers, all Pinkfong content including the Baby Shark is made in such a way as not only as entertainment, but also a means of educating babies, toddlers, and children too. So, this is an example of viral content as well as being an educational tool.


These are interesting facts from baby shark videos, not just kids who like to imitate and cover the baby shark challenge but even adults love it.

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