Different Countries React to Ambulance Siren

The highway is a public facility for all road users with the rights and obligations set out in the traffic law. The ambulance is one of the vehicles that get the main rights on the road. The other drivers must give way to the ambulance if the ambulance transports sick people. In different countries, people react to ambulance siren is also different.

React to Ambulance SirenPeople React to Ambulance Siren

If there is an ambulance that clearly lights up the siren, we have to immediately react to ambulance siren by giving a way. It is advisable to give way and do not block the ambulance. The following are some reactions to ambulance siren in 5 different countries.


Tolerance in India can be said to be poor. The driver’s response when an ambulance passes is also not polite. In India, many private vehicle users still do not want to budge if they are in a traffic jam. Some people often overtake an ambulance when they feel chased time.

United States

The driver’s response when hearing ambulances siren passing in the United States is very polite and uphold humanity. The residents are used to pull over to the left of the road when they heard an ambulance siren ringing.

React to Ambulance SirenChina

The Chinese people tend to be consumptive and choose to use private vehicles than public transportation. China has a transportation system that is actually quite organized with 24-hour surveillance CCTV cameras.

Unfortunately, there are still many drivers who are ignorant if they find an ambulance or firefighter which is about to pass. It is rare to find vehicle formations that are pulled over to give way to the ambulance or fire department.


In German, ambulances and fire engines get top priority on the highway. The community will be full of self-awareness pull over on the right and left sides of the road. Then, the ambulance will use the middle lane to pass. All are orderly and have become a common habit in German.


In Japan, the driver is indeed famous for high speed when on the highway. This is probably the Japanese habits of putting forward the discipline of time and work. However, when they find ambulances and firefighters will pass, everyone will rush to slow down the pace of the vehicle, pull over, or even stop. All look compact, and ambulances can pass easily.


Different countries also have different response to react to the ambulance siren. It must be admitted that the awareness of drivers in several countries is still low and different from developed countries that are disciplined and orderly.

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