Eyes vision tests and their classifications

Eyes vision tests and their classifications

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We sometimes are very careless about using glasses. We fail to use the corrective glasses for checking the eyes regularly. We sometimes feel uncomfortable without lenses or our recent glasses. The eye vision tests can be performed by the optometrist to tell you whether you need glasses to correct the vision or lenses. Then you would be given the glasses or lenses accordingly.

Usually the doctor does simple tests to check the eyes. The processes are the following. Retinoscopy is the first eyes vision test that the doctor conducts.

The test of Refraction is the second test where the doctor looks at your eyes with the help of a tool and gives you the choice of lenses to see which one makes you see better.

Eye examination

Aberrometers and autorefractors also determine the right choice of prescription where you need to rest you chin on a stable point and you have to look at a pinpoint of light. The Cover test is a simple one to determine how both the eyes perform together.

Stilt Lamp test is also an eyes vision test which is held through the biomicroscope that allows the doctor to get a magnified image of the yes and look at them to see if there is any infection in them. Then there are other tests of eyes like the Glaucoma test, the dilation test and the visual field testing.

You can go for the following tests

o Snellen eye test

o Eye vision test

o Alzheimer’s eye test

Snellen and Alzheimer’s tests are done to check whether there is any specific problem with your eyes. The eyes are very important for every human being and the slightest concern with any eyes should make you pay a visit to the optometrist.

Article Summary: This article is all about the different types of eyes vision tests held by the optometrist to check your power and decide whether you need correction glasses or lenses. It also mentions eyes health tests for eyes diseases like Glaucoma.