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Commissioning4health now have one of the largest NHS interim management associate networks in the UK today, our range of associates covers the UK and encompasses a wide range of managerial disciplines. We have developed our associate network over the last year and offer our clients a network of highly skilled and experienced NHS managers who are able to support a variety of work programmes on a short, medium or long term basis.

A snap shot of our associate network can be found below or check out the entire network by geography or specialty.

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15 years experience as a NHS manager/Director working in primary, community, secondary and tertiary care services. Key roles included operational management, commissioning and strategic development and project management.

Over 20 years management experience working in a diverse range of sectors, including healthcare, business services and public sector. Over 5 years experience managing in a clinical environment delivering services to businesses. Currently a Non-Executive Director for a NHS trust.

Senior finance – up to DF level (Workforce Development Consideration, PCT provider arm and financial lead in DH Primary Care directorate. National policy lead at DH for the review of workforce funding (MPET funding).

23 years in NHS, last 10 years in very senior management roles, in commissioning / strategic planning. Board level engagement in PCT. Acute Trust experience in capacity planning, pathway redesign, project management, general management. Dept. Health policy experience.