17 Day Diet: Unbiased Review

17 Day Diet: Unbiased Review

While losing weight is undeniably a big headache to millions of people around the world, choosing the right weight loss plan or method is becoming an even bigger headache. The trouble is that a little research on the best way to lose those extra pounds and get your dream weight will result in a lot of weight loss diet plans, dietary supplements, plus many more weight loss theories.

Though each of the available options will have a strong theoretical backing and scientific principles on how they help you achieve your desired weight, the truth is that some work while others don’t, some give temporary results and others permanent results, also some do not work for everyone.


Today, the 17 Day Diet is rapidly becoming a popular and one of the most promising weight loss diet plan. This diet plan has been growing in popularity, especially over the internet, since the beginning of 2011 when its creator, Dr. Mike Moreno, appeared on the Dr. Phil and the Doctors TV show. Initially, Dr. Mike had designed the 17 Day Diet as a guide to keep people from gaining weight while on holidays or to help people lose weight while on holidays. Today, this diet plan is seen as a fast, easy and effective plan to lose weight in a safe and lasting way, irrespective of whether you are aiming at shedding 10 or 100 extra pounds.

The 17 Day Diet is designed along proven principles that help you to shed weight without starving your body down size. These underlying principles are considered as the fundamental principles of a good diet plan. They include: cutting calories; eating healthy foods; limiting sugars, starch and alcohol; and exercising regularly. Unlike other weight loss diets, Dr. Moreno observes that the 17 Day Diet is an ideal diet plan that helps the dieters to avoid boredom, get fast results and calorie confusion that the plan uses to burn fats.

How it Works

Dr. Moreno’s 17 Day Diet plan is a carbohydrate cycling weight loss diet plan that is structured around 3 17-days cycles, plus a final fourth cycle that helps the dieter to maintain their goal weight in the long-term. During these cycles the dieters adjusts their carbohydrates intake with respect to the diet cycle they are in. The 17 Day Diet includes four cycles:

  • Cycle 1: Accelerate, Day 1-17
    Dr. Moreno talks of this phase as one that cleanses and hydrates your body; removes unhealthy carbs; improves on past unhealthy eating habit; stimulate fat metabolism and rapid weight loss. During this initial phase, the dieter sticks to a low carbohydrate diet of about 1200 calories per day. At this stage, the dieter should eat unlimited lean meat and vegetables (no starch vegetables). The dieter is able to lose 10-15 pounds in this phase.
  • Cycle 2: Activate, Day 18-34
    This phase involves calorie/carbohydrate cycling, also referred to as calorie shifting/zigzagging. The goal in this phase is to trick the metabolism and ensure it does not slow down by alternating the initial food plan with a slightly-higher calorie food plan. The dieter adds 2 servings of healthy carbs from cycle 1 food plan. This raises the calorie intake to approximately 1500 every day. Activate phase helps to prevent boredom, stimulates continued fat burning and yields a weight loss of approximately 5-6 pounds.
  • Cycle 3: Achieve, Day 35-51
    This is a stabilization phase that helps the dieter to achieve healthier eating habits and yields a 2-3 pounds weight loss. The Achieve cycle is similar to the activate cycle in other aspects except that lean meat is not unlimited, there is addition of more grains and fruits, there is an option of serving alcohol and 100-calorie snacks.
  • Cycle 4: Arrive, from Day 52 onwards
    This is the final phase where the dieters finally achieve their desired weight. This phase allows you to maintain your goal weight over a life time by following a healthy diet with controlled splurges on weekends. The dieter has to keep on constantly cycling through the 3 earlier cycles to avoid weight gains.

Recommended Foods

Chicken or turkey breast, seafood, eggs, yoghurt, berries, grape fruits, lettuce, Brussels, broccoli, tomato, asparagus, cucumber and green tea.

Attention! Note that the recommended food depends on the phase in the diet plan.

Exercise Recommendations

The 17 Day Diet plan requires that the dieter exercises for at least 17 minutes each day during the first and second cycle. Walking is recommended due to the low calorie intake. The duration of exercise should be increased to 150-300 minutes per week in the later weeks to stimulate more weight loss.

Costs and Expenses

The 17 Day Diet costs $25.00. You can also order a 17 minute workout program DVD for $15.


  • It’s fast and not monotonous.
  • It encourage intake of unprocessed, natural foods.
  • Carbohydrate cycling helps in accelerating the rate of weight loss.
  • Exercise program is short and effective.
  • The eating plan is fairly balanced and simple to understand.
  • It incorporates meal plans and recipes.
  • The plan has a short and effective exercise program.
  • The plan has tips for avoiding weight gain during holidays.


  • Beginner exercise guidance is lower than regular standard of 30 minutes per day.
  • Not suitable for diabetic patients.
  • Calorie intake in the 1st 17 days may be too low for the physically active dieters and may also backfire.
  • Fails to adequately address important psychological factors needed for successful weight loss in the long term.
  • The diet plan can only be purchase online.


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The 17 Day Diet includes adjusting your intake of carbohydrates, fat, protein and calories by using four phases, or cycles, to progress people from start to goal, which may have the effect of boosting metabolism and preventing the plateaus that are common with most diet plans.

Though the plan was set up to help dieters keep away from holiday weight gain, The 17 Day Diet can be followed at any time when fast and efficient weight loss is desired. Also, for success in achieving your goal weight using this diet plan, you have to be committed to the 17 Day Diet plan both physically and psychologically.